Revolution at Italian School Committee

ISC welcome the new Professor Eleonora Borghesani, who is preparing a new educational program aimed to improve Italian Language and Culture in an effective and funny way.New books and workbooks, updated according to the latest educational theories, will be distributed to all attendees! Come and learn the language of Dante, feel the Art and the passion and take part in all the amusing activities we are going to organized this term in order to have fun and improve your Italian. Yuo can enjoy a lovely coffee Italian style, watch a nice movie in original language ( with subtitle) and have an amazing italian pizza!

Buono studio e buon appetito!

2 thoughts on “Revolution at Italian School Committee

  1. Elena Cavarsan

    Hi I am interested in your group. I have Italian heritage and am looking to improve speaking Italian ..mine is a combined Veneto dialect. Any Italian functions would interest me too. Thank you, Elena

    1. Davide Post author

      Hi Elena,
      Thank you for replying!
      We will invite you to come at Italian School Committee to talk with our Director Gabriella or our admin Peng about classes, teachers, lessons and programs. I am quite sure we will find something that will suit your skills and knowledge!

      Meanwhile you can download the forms and have a look at them.

      We look forward to see you in person!

      Ciao e grazie!



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