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Gabriella Matacchioni Director of the ISC wins Sunshine Coast Multicultural Award.

Held yesterday night at the elegant Arnica Restaurant on the Waterfront of Maroochydore,  the event celebrated and  recognized  residents of the Sunshine Coast that have contributed to the Multicultural landscape of the region.


Director of the ISC Gabriella Matacchioni took home the highest honor of the evening over a field of 10 worthy finalists. The Social Excellence award was bestowed upon Mrs. Matacchioni for her 28 years  of tireless dedication to the Italian School Committee, and the work that the Committee has done in establishing for the  Sunshine Coast a wealth of social, academic and cultural programs. In her acceptance speech Mrs. Matacchioni outlined the story of the Committee, that in spite of many adversities is still serving the community at large.

Distinguished winner of the evening was also Ms. Vivienne Dawalebe who won the award for marketing and management.


To satisfy the concerns of many that have called or have come to knock on our door outside of business hours we would like to let you know that we are still open…In spite of rumors stating otherwise.

Our Hours of Operation are Monday and Wednesday 9  am to 5 pm.  Friday 9 am  to 4 pm.  Tuesday and Thursday 10 am  to 5 pm.

So please come and say hello.  If you need to call us during our business hours our phone number is 07 54443122. “A presto”


The ISC helps Sunshine Coast resident to find her lost Sister in Law.

Signora Gatto  is a regular visitor to the ISC offices in Minyama Queensland, Australia.  ” She comes at least once a month to get her late Italian husband pension” says Director Gabriella Matacchioni. ” She is a lovely lady and finds the services of ITAL UIL  quite handy.”  The agency is an expert in the field of locating and disbursing pensions for our Italian elders and their spouses and they are at our offices at least once a month.  “Some of our elders cannot travel the distance from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, so they really appreciate the service.” reflects Mrs. Matacchioni.

“Last time Rosemary Gatto came to our offices, she seemed rather preoccupied” continues Ms. Matacchioni, -she had not heard from her beloved sister in law Maria Alberelli, in quite a long time, many years for that matter, and since Maria is  95 years old  living on her own in the beautiful seaside resort of San Remo in Liguria, famous among other things for the San Remo Music festival, she was worried that something dreadful had happened to her and no one knew about it. Continue reading “The ISC helps Sunshine Coast resident to find her lost Sister in Law.” »

Italian Minister Cecile Kyenge and the dark side of Italian politics.

When Cecile Kyenge agreed to become a minister in Italy’s latest government she was well aware that she would have to break new and difficult ground.

Not only was she taking on the controversial immigration brief, she was also about to become Italy’s first black minister.

Not that Italians as a people are overtly racist, however the last wave of immigration especially from African nations on to the shores of Italy in the last decade especially,  has created some controversy with regards to the legislature that is currently in place to regulate the immigration influx into a country on the verge of economic implosion. Continue reading “Italian Minister Cecile Kyenge and the dark side of Italian politics.” »